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You cannot hope to understand the thousands of horses in training better than a team of computer programmers.
This suggests that many librarians are able to adapt well to a high-technology environment, and therefore will collaborate well with computer programmers and others on campus who work in that kind of environment.
Some peer opinion leaders (the female computer programmer from the plant down the road, for example) may exert influence across several loops.
His scheduling is further complicated by the almost 11-hour time difference between his home and Nepal, where he has an outsourcing arrangement with computer programmers in Katmandu.
Now you know the rules, but many computer programmers might have overlooked the exception to the exception in their software programs.
Once again, the computer programmers who had written the software used for tracking prescriptions and managing a pharmacy had failed to anticipate a real-life possibility -- in this case, that a customer could have been born before the year 1900.
Throughout the 1990s and beyond, computer programmers and systems analysts will have to retool themselves for marketability, says David Nesbitt a telecommunications consultant for COMSYS Inc.
But computer programmers are as fond of optional extras as car buyers, and in this case the options made it just a bit too user friendly.
Mitrichev, known to the member community by his handle 'Petr', beat 47 of the world's top computer programmers during the onsite semifinal and Championship rounds for the $20,000 grand prize in the Algorithm tournament.
Contracted computer programmers, who are hired to fix Y2K bugs, reconfigure their customers' computers so they can later access the company's financial data undetected, providing them ample opportunities to steal from the company or vandalize its computer system, according to city officials.
A wide range of people, from writers to graphic artists to computer programmers, have to work together to determine what goes into the disk.
Few issues arouse the passions of computer programmers more than the relative merits of different programming languages, and the veteran language Fortran has certainly endured its share of criticism over the years.
The binary numbering system is used by computer programmers because each bit -- the smallest unit of storage in a computer's memory -- can have only two states, 0 or 1.
Decades after early computer programmers decided to save much-needed space in their limited machines by omitting the ``1'' and ``9'' in the year portion of dates used in their programs, the year 2000 or millennium bug has come back to bite an increasingly tech-dependent age.
With that in mind, its computer programmers decided to use a set of equations for the tracking clock that happened to produce answers with an error of a millionth of a seond per second.
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