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a game played against a computer

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As for those hoping to receive a game, about one in four (24%) adults age 18-24 say they expect to receive one or more computer or video games as a gift this holiday season.
According to a national poll released today by the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA), the association representing computer and video game software publishers, more than one third of all Americans (36%) plan to give or receive a computer or video game this holiday season.
For the purposes of this survey, "gamer parents" is defined as those parents who play computer or video games, but who do not solely play desktop card games or children's games.
Eight Members of Congress today urged parents and other consumers to check the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating before purchasing computer or video games this holiday season.
A recent Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA)/Hart Research study this month that said three out of every five (60 percent) Americans age six or older, or about 145 million people, routinely play computer or video games.
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