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a screen used to display the output of a computer to the user

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With energy savings of 12 to 43% over computer monitors with comparable technology, Samsung and LG products took top honors in the commercially available categories.
have started programs to help people get rid of old computer monitors.
Provide supplemental task/ desk lighting in order to adequately illuminate writing and reading tasks while limiting brightness around computer monitors.
Software that shuts down computer monitors during nonuse will help out Tufts University, which estimates that if its students and faculty power down their computers one to five hours a day, the savings will amountto $90,000 in electricity costs per year.
Moments later, a power surge fried two computer monitors used for keeping statistics.
The dull beige computer monitor pictured in Ad Hoc Locum (Complete System), 2005, is technologically outmoded, while the pile of soil in Ad Hoc Locum (Ficus), 2004, as the residue of landscaping, indicates that there's a corresponding hole somewhere.
Samsung owns factories in Manaus and in Campinas, where it makes computer monitors for global companies such as HP as well as computer parts for domestic companies such as Itautec and Semp Toshiba.
In fact, in 2002 the Environment Protection Agency filed to collect more than $410,000 in total fines from two New York colleges, Manhattan College and Pratt Institute, for the improper disposal of hazardous waste that included computer monitors.
To simplify power management implementation, Energy Star created EZ Save, software that allows IT professionals to enable entire networks of computer monitors from a central location, and EZ Wizard, a tool that helps individuals enable their own desktops.
Back then in 1991, the only way to create the illusion of being immersed in a computer-generated world was to don a helmet outfitted with tiny computer monitors that fit directly over your eyes.
Now glowing before us each morning on our computer monitors is the unpleasant industrial by-product of our age: information pollution, cybersludge clogging our global information flows and our minds with useless, pointless, even malicious data at a cost to the information industry that can be measured as surely as the grounding of an oil-tanker or water contamination from a chemical plant.
said Wednesday it will terminate production of cathode-ray tubes for computer monitors at a plant in San Diego on April 1 and lay off 500 workers.
In their quest to come up with computer monitors and other high information content displays based on ELDs, industry developers are struggling with durability issues, and concerns such as inadequate gray scales and incomplete color ranges.
Vision-related problems have also become an issue due to the corresponding increase in the use of computer monitors.
The students and faculty of Cal State University, Bakersfield along with the local community scored a major triumph in the battle against accumulated e-waste this past month with a one day event that rounded up more than 90,000 pounds of unwanted computer monitors, televisions, cell phones and other electronic junk.