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(from a combination of MOdulate and DEModulate) electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line

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These systems will be linked to Summit via computer modem so that the same molding parameters will be used at each facility.
Rather, to access them, users need only have their computer modems call the modem of the BBS, and the process is more or less automated from there.
The company automatically distributes the data via computer modems & FAX software.
Offenders phoning a voice-mail system equipped with remote access dialing can quickly access the code, frequently a four-digit number, through a computer modem.
Founded in 1986, Telular has developed telecommunications interface technology that switches a standard phone system, fax, computer modem or monitored alarm system to available wireless service for either primary or back-up communications.
But when a landline host computer modem doesn't recognize a remote cellular modem's protocols, sending data can be like ordering a meal in an unfamiliar language -- what gets delivered to the table may or may not be what the customer had in mind.
A computer modem plays the part of its computer brain.
The host computer modem doesn't need to be modified in any way.
MediaOne crews are rebuilding the current system to enhance picture quality and provide for high-speed computer modem access and digital telephone service, Sawyer said.
Telephone companies say they need the overlay to respond to the demand for pagers, faxes and computer modem numbers.
The Rapid Resume Review is a new, user friendly, menu-driven, on-line information database service that offers the following features: Job seekers, via computer modem, may enter their resume on-line by following simple menu-driven instructions that will index their resume by occupational field and job title.
Not only has it been hard for Californians to keep up with new area code numbers and boundaries, but it often requires businesses and households to change stationery, address books, computer modem configurations and other documents.
Founded in 1986, Telular has developed and patented telecommunications interface technology that converts any phone system, fax, computer modem or alarm system to available cellular service.
A megabyte is approximately 8 million bits of data; by comparison, a 56-kilobaud computer modem can transfer just 56,000 bits of data per second.
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