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(from a combination of MOdulate and DEModulate) electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line

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These systems will be linked to Summit via computer modem so that the same molding parameters will be used at each facility.
Users who want the file pay for the connect time necessary to download it, which depends on the speed of both the user's computer modem and the online service's data connection, as well as the size of the file.
However, UPS was not included when many older building were constructed and cannot be installed today due to engineering restrictions Thus, tenants in such facilities will always be caught short during a disaster because telephone switches fail, preventing calls for help and canceling fax computer modem and electronie-mail communications.
That has shown itself as a more efficient way to move furniture and, in the end, we're connected by computer modem to Toronto for our billing.
In many offices, the FAX machine or computer modem must be constantly available but it's actually in use less than 8% of the time.
Offenders phoning a voice-mail system equipped with remote access dialing can quickly access the code, frequently a four-digit number, through a computer modem.
For the ``see'' portion of the testing, Edwards test aircraft will use a data link, a sort of flying computer modem, to exchange information on their location, direction and speed.
A computer modem plays the part of its computer brain.
MediaOne crews are rebuilding the current system to enhance picture quality and provide for high-speed computer modem access and digital telephone service, Sawyer said.
Telephone companies say they need the overlay to respond to the demand for pagers, faxes and computer modem numbers.
Not only has it been hard for Californians to keep up with new area code numbers and boundaries, but it often requires businesses and households to change stationery, address books, computer modem configurations and other documents.
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