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(computer science) the technique of representing the real world by a computer program

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Therefore, computer modeling can potentially equip students with scientific process skills essential to understanding scientific concepts.
Recommendation: To help EM increase confidence in the quality of information provided to the public and its stakeholders resulting from the use of computer modeling, the Secretary of Energy should develop a comprehensive strategy and guidance for the management of computer models to promote consistency, reduce duplication, and ensure sharing of lessons learned.
While computer modeling and simulation may speed the prototyping and product development process, they cannot substitute for real-life knowledge of the subject.
North Kingsville, Ohio, will describe work on a different phase of SMC manufacturing--numerical computer modeling and design of the resin-paste coating process in sheet impregnation.
This multimillion-dollar company has already been granted some $4 million in federal grants in 2004; $2 million from the National Institutes of Health for heart research and $2 million from the Department of Energy for computer modeling.
The team's computer modeling shows that the rapid uplift of the Tibetan Plateau can explain these changes, says Kutzbach.
Lawrence Smiley has been involved with computer modeling of casting processes since 1985 and computer modeling of other heat transfer processes since 1975.
397) did its best to downplay trees as a sink for carbon dioxide with hocus-pocus science and computer modeling.
Through examples, four engineers detail how computer modeling has resulted in structure and manufacturability improvements, while reducing lead times and production costs.
The computer modeling suggests that a second type of focusing came into play as well.
According to Patrick Ford, President, the report is an empirical buildup of fact-based research, hotel by hotel - not by computer modeling - and that the data has been gathered through interviews with hotel owners and managers, state and city hotel associations and the leading hotel companies and brands.
Johnstown, Pennsylvania, gave a presentation on 3-D computer modeling of heat transfer, fluid flow and solidification kinetics.
In that case, he says, the researchers would have to abandon their comparative computer modeling and come up with new methods of interfering with the normal function of the protein coats.
Growing interest in computer modeling techniques for the foundry has become increasingly evident.
Computer modeling by Julia Heisler of the University of Arizona in Tucson now indicates the cloud may have a mass density three to four times lower than previously thought, due to the unexpected ease with which galactic forces can hurl comets into the inner solar system, Heisler told SCIENCE NEWS.
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