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(computer science) the technique of representing the real world by a computer program

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The high school students we studied had had very little exposure to computer models--more than 70% of them stated they had never used a computer model.
Most advice arrangements continue to rely on a DOL Advisory Opinion generally referred to as "SunAmerica," under which a plan advisor is allowed to arrange for advice to be given to participants based solely on a computer model designed and exclusively controlled by an independent third party.
Recommendation: To help EM increase confidence in the quality of information provided to the public and its stakeholders resulting from the use of computer modeling, the Secretary of Energy should clarify specific quality assurance requirements for computer models used in environmental cleanup decisions, including to analyze the potential effectiveness of cleanup alternatives, assess the performance of selected cleanup activities, and assist in planning and budgeting cleanup activities.
That's hardly a trivial matter, since it would mean that computer models that simulate the flow of ocean currents beneath ice shelves may need to be adjusted to incorporate additional fluid friction caused by large areas of rough ice.
By developing this computer model, Garver and FTN are supporting the state's rice industry, which produces 45 percent of the rice grown in the United States.
In ohmic heating, for example, temperature, voltage and species distributions inside the tube are nearly impossible to determine experimentally, but they can be obtained routinely using a computer model.
Humane alternatives to much of animal research, such as tissue samples and computer models, already exist.
The computer model can perform forward leaning indefinitely, but human subjects will experience muscle fatigue eventually, explained Hemami.
A new computer model that analyzes summer-wind patterns can predict whether the United States will suffer a damaging hurricane season, according to the scientists who developed the tool.
He reported on applying a computer model that can help diecasters design better dies to reduce die distortion.
GNS has created the world's largest computer model of a human cancer cell.
They scanned a sculpture of a "happy Buddha," converted it into a computer model, then transmitted it electronically to 3-D Systems in Valencia, Calif.
A written report and a three dimensional computer model are required - as is an indication of costs.
Variables considered in this computer model include fluid viscosity, density, and surface tension; conveyor speed and paste-head pressure; and paste-reservoir and blade geometries.
For instance, one computer model might show that if carbon dioxide levels rise, cloud cover will decrease by the middle of the next century.
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