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a programming language designed for use on a specific class of computers

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With computer languages, if you get one thing wrong, it doesn't work anymore.
SpaceTag Server is packaged and integrated with popular Web server, database server, computer languages and other various tools.
Benton to reconnect Computer Languages, Systems & Structures with the leading edge of programming language-related research, from theory through to practice," said Ann Gabriel, Publishing Director for Elsevier's Computer Science journals.
James Lin is the chief architect and lead designer of several of Santa Teresa's new computer language technologies for improving the productivity of engineers and scientists throughout the world.
This agreement allows the companies, which each have Y2K solutions in a broad selection of computer languages, to supplement their offerings.
REBOL (pronounced "REB-ul") represents a powerful new domain of computer languages * described as context-sensitive by computer scientists.
in 1968, managing compiler development with computer languages including FORTRAN, PASCAL and COBOL among others.
Its central focus for the past two years has been resolving the Year 2000 problem using SmartCode, its core re-engineering technology, Alydaar remediates or audits most computer languages on most hardware platforms.
Included is course instruction in such computer languages and development tools as Java, Visual Basic, Oracle SQL, Oracle JDeveloper, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft InterDev, Microsoft Site Server and HTML.
com, a company that allows home page editors to "drop" live voice features onto their Web pages in minutes and Trellix, a PC application that enables virtually anybody to easily create, publish and enhance their own high-quality, multi-page Web sites, without having to learn technical computer languages or graphic design.
Currently, data is collected from patients by clinical trial site managers, monitored by sponsoring companies, processed, formatted and analyzed by data managers, statisticians and clinicians, and presented to regulators using a variety of incompatible data collection tools, database structures and computer languages that often cannot manage or integrate data consistently.
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