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the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures


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Therefore, most of the attention of computer information system people was focused on large-scale information and operations, as well as on mathematical models for planning.
The Department of CIS and BSAN is pleased to have John join our Executive Advisory Board, said Art Gowan, Department Head and Professor of Computer Information Systems at JMU.
Int'l Conference on Computer Information Systems and Industrial.
The College of Business consists of eight departments: Accountancy, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Economics, Equine Industry Program, Finance, Marketing, Management, and the School of Urban and Public Affairs (UPA).
QA I am a recent graduate of Nicholls State University with a bachelor's of science in computer information systems.
According to a riveting study in the Journal of Computer Information Systems, a scholarly publication exhumed by my local paper, employees are now spending an alarming amount of time surfing the Net, checking sports scores and chatting on the phone with friends, even when such activities are specifically prohibited.
The authors are mainly academicians with specialties in the area of computer information systems.
Brandon, a student at West Hills Devry Institute, where he is studying computer information systems, keeps a mellow attitude on the lane.
has been named assistant professor of computer information systems.
Bruekel is enrolled in the computer information systems networking program at the Nova Scotia Community College's Truro campus.
Rimple Kanani (right), 23, of De Montfort Way, Cannon Park, studied computer information systems design at King-ston University, Kingston on Thames in Surrey, for her degree.
to be an eight course, eighteen semester hour program in Computer Information Systems (CIS).
This is the sixth year in which the scholarship has been awarded to GSU female undergraduate or graduate students in Robinson's computer information systems program who have demonstrated high potential for leadership careers in technology.
2 opretyviosios transport computer information systems (opkis) maintenance and system functionality improvements or new features for the creation of purchase.
The Computer Information Systems department at Arkansas State University-Mountain Home prepares students for good jobs, advanced college degrees, and the 21st Century.
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