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LS: Anthropometry, X rays, ethnology, Charcot and psychiatry, eugenics, DNA, then computer imaging, the genome, and the mapping of the brain: is the thread the exact sciences or what the French call the "human sciences "?
One of the products featured was Dicom Imaging Systems' computer imaging software which empowers dentists to show dental patients how they may appear after a cosmetic dental procedure.
High-Tech Tumor Treatment: Patients face faster treatment and recovery with fewer side effects, as the latest computer imaging capabilities combine with advanced radiation delivery techniques.
Founded in the early 1980s, ITI's computer imaging technology serves mostly end users in the R&D, defense, medical-testing and automated inspection industries.
He is an internationally recognized authority in the fields of payment applications in electronic commerce and mailing, computer imaging and optical character recognition.
SuperStock's headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, has a state-of-the-art computer imaging center, a digital art studio, extensive photo production facilities, and catalog and CD-ROM production departments.
The Web site features an extensive gallery of pre- and post-procedure photographs and a computer imaging service through which the user can visualize his or her results.
Using computer imaging technology, some researchers at the institute will bring together two inherently different disciplines -- computer engineering and biological research -- to advance medical science and the understanding of human cellular and physiological functions and relationships.
CASurgica plans to market the next-generation advanced computer-assisted surgical tools that will provide a substantial improvement over current tools as a result of implementing computer imaging, simulation, and robotics.
Academic coaches and art therapists also work with students using computer imaging, with Epson's line of scanners, PhotoPC digital cameras and Stylus color ink jet printers; and Micrografx Picture Publisher image editing software.
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