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8220;In addition, computer imaging for plastic surgery also helps alleviate some of the fear and anxiety associated with aesthetic and cosmetic enhancement,” says Dr.
Corporate Express, France provides a range of business products and services including parcel delivery, office and computer imaging supplies, furniture and document management.
Eventually, though, you find a visually spectacular return to the body in the dialogue between art and science in computer imaging.
At Kyoto, the system's unique volume-filling rendering will be used in the university's Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies as part of the center's research and development work in advanced computer imaging and visualization of 3D motion-captured images.
Also, computer imaging artists will be on hand to display the technology used to make animals talk in movies such as ``Babe.
The Cytyc Corporation ThinPrep(R) Imaging System (Imager) is a device that uses computer imaging technology to assist a cytotechnologist performing primary cervical cancer screening of ThinPrep(R) Pap Test slides for the presence of atypical cells, cervical neoplasia, including its precursor lesions, and carcinoma, as well as all other cytologic criteria as defined by The Bethesda System 2001.
a Canada-based manufacturer of computer imaging hardware and software, and its distributor in Massachusetts.
A system like this one will change the way scientific visualization is done, just as it already has changed the working methods and cultures of industries such as oil/gas and aerospace that use high-resolution computer imaging and modeling.
Computer imaging and modeling - Kasenna MediaBase software will help expose students to advanced computer imaging and modeling techniques.
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