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the font that is displayed on a computer screen

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95) which turns personal handwriting into a unique computer font.
We found some interesting websites with free content that can help you to update your computer font collection; training yourself to speak in public or improve your visual presentations in PowerPoint or websites.
She provides guidelines for enhancing the letter writer's unique voice and choosing the right words, the right pen, and the right computer font.
Monotype, founded in 1897 as a hot metal type company, began to focus on the computer font market in 1990, said Steve Kuhlman, vice president for sales and marketing.
Later chapters cover post-WWII advertising booms in several industrialized countries, trace the evolution of computer fonts, and discuss the unprecedented accessibility of today's tools for typography and graphic design.
With more colors projected simultaneously and SVGA resolution, computer fonts, photographs, animation, and video clips appear clean and crisp, like that of a color computer monitor.
While many direct mail servicers use computer fonts to imitate the genuineness of real handwriting, Letter Friend writers are successfully returning to basics by hand addressing each envelope, letter and custom sticky note for their clients' direct mail campaigns.
I believe one way to preserve this part of our cultural heritage is to incorporate it into computer fonts EoACA* like the hundreds that already exist.
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