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the font that is displayed on a computer screen

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Why not update your computer fonts with some more modern and stylish fonts?
She provides guidelines for enhancing the letter writer's unique voice and choosing the right words, the right pen, and the right computer font.
Trouble is, it is nearly impossible to get a column of numbers or type to line up correctly if you are using a proportional-spaced computer font.
Monotype, founded in 1897 as a hot metal type company, began to focus on the computer font market in 1990, said Steve Kuhlman, vice president for sales and marketing.
It allows for embroidered lettering to be created easily from any standard computer font with its TRUE TYPE function.
In his presentation The Philippine Indigenous Writing Systems in the Modern World, he tackled how computer fonts can be used to promote the Baybayin and the surat Mangyan to the world.
I believe one way to preserve this part of our cultural heritage is to incorporate it into computer fonts EoACA* like the hundreds that already exist.
You can even switch computer fonts or pen color for the important stuff, suggests Catherine Gelinas, a private SAT tutor.
London, Sept 14 (ANI): Michelle Obama honoured the United States' top designers at the White House on Tuesday, including the creators of popular computer fonts and floor-cleaning products.
Some of his greater achievements such as the design of the imperial war grave and various computer fonts are these days better known than he is.
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