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The security and protection of computer files is nothing new, but SecureNTFS has taken a unique approach to protecting consumers' computer files.
30 /PRNewswire/ -- As Dallas-based Data Drive Thru sells more and more of its new patented Tornado computer file transfer tool, the company is receiving emails from business professionals who have found several valuable applications for the product in their day-to-day business operations.
to the author's online bank account, he would release a series of viruses capable of deleting computer files.
One special treat for dance scholars: Cunningham's personal choreographic notes from the 1930s to the present, including about fifty hours of computer files on his most recent creations.
Employees who gain unauthorized access to computer files may pirate confidential data on job applicants, wages and personnel, and even trade secrets.
According to the AMA report, while nearly two-thirds of surveyed organizations practice some form of monitoring, 43% actually tape phone conversations, store and review voice mail messages, computer files and e-mail, and/or videotape employee performance.
Angus Kirwan, Alan Kavanagh and John A Ryan, asked the governor for access to the computer files when the leak was discovered last Wednesday.
Taxpayers need to review their procedures for preventing disclosure, including those for computer files and programs -- given the IRS's ability to obtain these items.
Increasingly, sensitive Department of Defense computer files are being read and, in many cases, altered or destroyed by unauthorized individuals.
In the typical print-production process of today, computer files are output as film from an imagesetter.
A recent ARL (1990) Spec Kit defined the materials budget as "those funds used to acquire and lease materials" (on Specflyer) with funding used for the following: books, serials, microforms, videos, sound recordings, maps, manuscripts, government documents, computer files, binding, resource sharing agreements, preservation and conservation, consortia memberships, remote database sharing, bibliographic utility memberships and transactions fees, computer hardware to manage computer files, computer file processing and servicing, interlibrary loan, and document delivery (p.
The following list of the Twin Tower's housekeeping computer files demonstrates the versatility of such a system and the ease with which it is customized to meet the needs of any facility, regardless of size and the level of care provided:
The user can now set the data-polling frequency for updating the computer files.
All the computer files that matter to these users, regardless of the source computer, are continuously backed up and stored in a consolidated secure location in their personal cloud.
Each home will be wired to create a state-of-the-art home-integrated technology where residents can share printers and computer files throughout the apartment.