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the art of assembling logical elements into a computing device

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The V2S SBC is a perfect choice for embedded systems designers creating next generation of real-time embedded systems," said Wayne McGee, General Manager of the SBS Technologies Single Board Computer design center in North Carolina.
CAST, CMS Software, CNSI, Computer Design and Integration, Computer Enterprises, Consist International, Core Business Technology Solutions, CorpInfo Services, Daly Computers, Datatec Systems, Dewpoint, Digitas, Electronic Systems, Enterprise Computing Solutions, Epicor Software Services, Exact Software Services, Fortress Systems, Greenbrier & Russel, Hitachi Consulting, Impact Innovations Group, MIRUS, MTC Technologies Inc.
The CK5 is designed for the demanding environments common in military and communication applications," said Wayne McGee, General Manager of the SBS Technologies Single Board Computer design center in North Carolina.
SALT LAKE CITY & AMARO, Udine, Italy -- Winners of PC/104 Computer Design Contest to Be Recognized at Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco in March 2005
A cutting-edge thermoformer whose roots can be traced back to the start of the CAD/CAM revolution: That sums up Computer Designs, a custom thermoformer headquartered in Whitehall, Pa.
Computer Designs has also developed its own quick-change master tooling system that permits total product changeover times in as little as two hours.
At one time, Computer Designs did quite a bit of packaging for automotive, notably transportation trays and components.
Computer Designs also has a consultative, relationship-based approach to selling.
Rapid prototyping transforms computer designs into three- dimensional objects and is used to speed the design of cell phones, medical equipment and other products.
Rapid prototyping involves the transformation of computer designs into three-dimensional objects, speeding the design process for everything from cell phones to medical equipment.
Molds for custom thermoformed packaging can be made at least 50% faster, with higher quality and lower manufacturing costs, says Computer Designs Inc.
In fact, 3-D software allows Computer Designs to build tooling from a preliminary design of the part to be packaged, such as a hand tool or medical device.
Computer Designs selected a CAD solid-modeling package from Unigraphics Solutions Inc.
A chrome metal ring around the lens and a metallic grill over the microphone add a sense of sophistication to the design, while the webcam's metallic midnight blue body accentuates modern computer designs.
Our client base continues to expand in this area as new laptop, desktop and hand-held computer designs require much smaller yet more powerful thermal cooling solutions.