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Synonyms for application

Synonyms for application

the condition of being put to use

the giving of a medication, especially by prescribed dosage

steady attention and effort, as to one's occupation

a document used in applying, as for a job


Synonyms for application

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The soon-to-be-revised study, Tax Technology in the 1990's, by the AICPA Tax Division's Tax Computer Applications Committee has an excellent discussion and checklist on how to select tax software products.
This is a quality publication by a well-known author that would be a valuable addition to the library of any practitioner who audits companies with centralized computer applications.
jProg specializes in developing computer applications for the public health industry.
Intergraph made the announcement today at the International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding (ICCAS), where IntelliShip is featured prominently in presentations, demonstrations of its Tribon model referencing capability and in a major technical paper.
org) is devoted to the advancement of computer applications and information technology in medical imaging through education and research.
The classes cover Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Computing Basics and Basic Computer Applications.
At a data rate of 533 MHz, PC enthusiasts and gamers will experience improved system performance when running large computer applications," says Marca Armstrong, senior marketing manager of PC systems for PNY Technologies.
with its ScreenFriends technology, will allow users to navigate the web and operate computer applications via voice-recognition.
The LL-M17W1 LTM monitor is equipped with an analog PC interface for computer applications, along with an array of video inputs, which include RCA (composite video), S-Video, component video, and a TV Antenna/Cable input.
The new devices are designed for use in single or multiphase power supply circuits in server and desktop computer applications; notebook computer applications requiring 30-V devices; and in dc-to-dc converters and point of load (POL) converters in fixed telecom applications.
0, Onix is used in a wide variety of computer applications, from electronic publishing, document management, and imaging to web crawlers, search engines, and mail routers.
com), a leading provider of technology solutions and consulting services to the global energy industry, announced today that Ken Vormwald will lead marketing and sales for company's energy market and transmission network analysis applications division--Power Computer Applications (PCA).
Computer applications in foundries span the entire gamut of operations.
Steve Paul, BEST's CEO and President, stated, "This expansion is consistent with BEST's strategy to provide for increased penetration of worldwide power protection markets across all power ranges, from single-phase products for small computer applications through 250KW three-phase mainframe applications.
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