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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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They implemented computer algorithms on an Apple iPad, using an open-source computer vision library (OpenCV).
iCAD systems work by using sophisticated artificial intelligence, computer algorithms and pattern recognition to analyze images and identify patterns of areas within a mammograph that may be suspicious.
Instead, many users express frustration with inefficient results spread across hundreds of pages selected by computer algorithms rather than humans.
Computer algorithms convert these signatures into measures of forest cover, soil moisture, cloud cover, ocean chlorophyll content, and many other useful parameters.
We identified hospital-acquired, primary, central-venous catheter (CVC)-associated bloodstream infections by using five methods: retrospective, manual record review by investigators; prospective, manual review by infection control professionals; positive blood culture plus manual CVC determination; computer algorithms; and computer algorithms and manual CVC determination.
Coifman wrote computer algorithms that can capture a vehicle's length as it passes over a detector.
Open-ended questions could not be included because they could not be judged using the computer algorithms available within our budget.
The SQA-V is a unique, low-cost, high-performance analyzer that utilizes Electro-Optics, computer algorithms and video microscopy to provide rapid and reliable semen analysis in less than 75 seconds.
The computer algorithms that make up a NN are based on biological neurons and their interactions.
Through computer algorithms monitoring the call, an emergency room physician, John's primary care physician, and his cardiologist all appear on a multi-screen TV; they have assembled in a virtual consultation room and are monitoring the progress of a perfectly blended isotope being administered by the medics.
Because many fast and efficient computer algorithms for building and searching tree-like data structure have already been developed (Horowitz & Sahni, 1976; Knuth, 1973), Gati's proposed hierarchical vocational model may be appropriate for implementing a computerized job-matching program that will consider both the P-WE fit and P-JR fit needs of the rehabilitation clients.
McCaffrey's talk presents leading edge research on advanced computer algorithms that are modeled on the foraging and communication behavior of the common honey bee, Apis mellifera.
The Westboro high-tech public relations firm aims to lead the way in using sophisticated computer algorithms and natural-language processing technology to gauge who's saying what across cyberspace.
Working with Con Edison, ClearGrid Innovations seeks to create a system of computer algorithms to recognize potential problems on the state electrical grid to improve response time.
London, July 13 ( ANI ): Philip M Parker has developed a series of computer algorithms that could automatically generate books, crossword puzzles, articles and even poetry.
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