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the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures


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Computer scientists can translate such constraint-satisfaction problems into symbolic logic, where each variable is either true or false.
Founded by computer scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ITA Software provides innovative modern software solutions to the air travel industry.
Over the decades, computer scientists have worked out computer algorithms to tackle this problem.
Many computer scientists say Active-X is less elegant and less powerful than Open Doc.
The largest Mersenne prime known previously was discovered in February 1992 at AEA Technology's Harwell Laboratory in England by computer scientists who were also conducting a test of a Cray Research supercomputer.
Computer scientists ran level-set expansion, and bi-directional, breadth-first search against the data.
The demand was for computer scientists, software architects and network engineers.
Keck Center," she added, "will bridge this gap, bringing biomedical scientists and computer scientists together in generating exciting new research possibilities.
Their unique development team is composed of CFD experts, computer scientists, and visualization experts focused on listening to clients and delivering products that meet their needs.
In fact, some computer scientists looked to biology for strategies to vanquish their foes.
Founded in 1996 by a group of computer scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ITA Software is an airline IT and services provider at the forefront of a new generation of technology that is changing the way the travel industry works.
Regis profiles three dozen of the world's premiere complexity theorists, biophysicists, neurophysiologists, geneticists, and computer scientists from Santa Fe.
The software program used for the Harwell discovery was written by David Slowinski and Paul Gage, two computer scientists at Cray Research.
This will be the ninth international Protege conference, and more than 100 computer scientists from universities and private industry groups from at least 20 nations have already registered.
To alleviate this type of problem without having people limit their access to information, Vertegaal and other computer scientists are designing new software and hardware.
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