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software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing

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The International Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD) has served EDA and Design professionals for the last 20 years by highlighting new challenges and innovative solutions for integrated circuit design technologies and systems.
NEW YORK -- The IEEE Council for Electronic Design Automation (CEDA) will launch in May a Distinguished Speaker Series to feature Best Paper Award winners from the Design Automation Conference (DAC), the International Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD), and the IEEE Transactions on Computer Aided Design (TCAD).
Design automation is a key technology for the electronics industry and CEDA is providing a useful forum of information exchange for IEEE members who are part of this community," says Michal Odyniec who heads a Technical Committee on Computer Aided Design within MTT.
NEW YORK -- The IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA) will host a public introductory meeting during the International Conference on Computer Aided Design 2005 (ICCAD-2005) Tuesday, November 8, at 12:30 p.
C-EDA will further increase visibility for IEEE-sponsored EDA events such as the Design Automation Conference (DAC) and International Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD) and its technical publications that feature EDA.
electronic design automation (EDA) and computer aided design (CAD) design-synthesis software developer is now a member of the Mentor Graphics Corporation's OpenDoor(TM) program.
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