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the act, process, or result of calculating

arithmetic calculations

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Objective: The promise of future quantum computers to substantially speed up computations has been advertised widely since the early days of the field.
The rest of the book is devoted to specific mathematical concepts, including algorithms for experimental mathematics, such as high-precision arithmetic and prime number computations, exploration and discovery in inverse scattering, random vectors, and factoring integers, and visual computation that includes chaos games and visualization of DNA strands.
McIntosh (2002, 2005) commented on the change in focus of recent Australian Federal and State Government education policy documents with a shift away from students being taught algorithms for all mathematical computations (which includes both written and mental computation), to a policy centred on development of a variety of strategies for mental computation.
Calculating the beginning APIC pool and the ongoing tax computations required by Statement no.
He inquired whether additional guidance would clarify the order of the computations or whether simultaneous calculations are required.
With the advent of parallel systems with large memories, computations on large systems that were considered beyond the reach of even some "super" computers from a few years ago can now be considered routine.
The administrative difficulties of including barred years in the computations were also cited.
The individual and corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT) provisions require complex tax computations and apply to large numbers of taxpayers.
It recognized the liberalization of inventory price index computations as the "laudable goal" of simplifying computations under the LIFO method.
It also enables them to create mathematical models and solve systems of equations and perform general engineering and scientific computations -- all without leaving the MATLAB environment.
Their work with DNA tiles has led to the field of "Algorithmic Self-assembly", in which computations are embedded in the process of crystal growth.
Accurate heat transmission computations, in turn, require reliable values for heat transmission properties.
He used a variant of an older method, making it possible to perform the computations with a network of relatively modest computers.
Third, in addition to the information on the Master File for a particular taxpayer, the tax returns and back-up documentation for previous computations must be obtained before a new netting computation can be performed.
These computations are substantially different from one another.
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