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the right of the state to take private property for public use

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A report to the city council cabinet called for the authority to commit to using compulsory purchase powers if necessary, and said: "New Chinatown Developments Ltd plans for the site will see a new transformational development that will establish a new Chinatown in the city and which will be an extension to the existing Chinatown.
Mr Sargeant said he agreed with planning inspector Alwyn Nixon that there was "a compelling case in the public interest for the compulsory purchase of the main buildings and associated land".
A spokesman for Perth and Kinross Council said: "Planning permission has been granted for the road and the council has made a compulsory purchase order to allow it to acquire the land it needs for the project.
Option two would see the council set aside PS4m to acquire the property either by agreement with BHM of through a compulsory purchase order.
Our report's ndings support the recognition by Government that compulsory purchase is an that compulsory purchase is an eSSective tool for delivering socio-eSSective tool for delivering socioe conomic and environmental economic and environmental c hange and regeneration.
She also has significant experience in promoting and opposing Compulsory Purchase Orders, advising on infrastructure agreements, large environmental impact assessments, and advising on planning policy.
Meanwhile, Clr Caffrey led the vote to dispose of plans to implement a locally-opposed scheme to improve the A58 Hipperholme crossroads by attempting to secure a compulsory purchase order of land at Christ Church, the Whitehall pub and land to the rear of Wakefield Road's Tesco Express.
Birmingham City Council has issued compulsory purchase orders for more than 300 properties since 1997.
A compulsory purchase order would allow the council to take over the leaseholds and compensate the retailers, subject to Welsh Government approval, paving the way for the development plan.
Compulsory purchase may be enforced where re-opening and upgrading of lines leads to level crossings being replaced by bridges, which has already been outlined in the detailed plans for the Oxford - Bicester Evergreen 3 project.
Fears over compulsory purchase have been thrown into sharp focus by Richard and Gwenda Jones, who face losing 85 acres at Caerdegog Uchaf, Llanfechell.
The council enforced a compulsory purchase order, meaning Mr Behic was left with no choice but to give up his beloved business.
HS2 will rely on compulsory purchase or the threat of it.
The most recent manifestation of this in the English courts reached the Supreme Court (which has replaced the House of Lords), involved Sainsbury and concerned use of compulsory purchase powers.
OSCAR-winning actress Tilda Swinton yesterday called plans by Donald Trump to compulsory purchase homes on the Menie Estate as "industrial bullying".