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a headscarf worn by Muslim women

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the custom in some Islamic societies of women dressing modestly outside the home

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However the Constituent Assembly is already facing serious challenges in the form of a small group using violence as it seeks to impose its vision of society on academic institutions, such as compulsory veiling for female teachers, allowing women to wear the niqab on campus and even separate classes for men and women.
Of course, the state-imposed compulsory veiling of women, under the mujjahedin regime and later on, the Taliban, has made of the chadari an instrument for controlling women's presence in the public domain together with a symbol of masculine domination.
Seventy-three years later, when Ayatollah Khomeini decreed compulsory veiling during the 1979 revolution, tens of thousands of women marched on International Women's Day to protest this counter-revolutionary direction and held sitins against the forced expulsion of women, like Ebadi, from the courts.
The theologian took part in a seminar in Berlin in April at which he defended the separation of religion from state and rejected compulsory veiling for women.
After the revolution in 1979, the reverse process of compulsory veiling of all women was imposed in stages.