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a United States federal official who supervises expenditures and settles claims against the government

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Although not asked, the Comptroller General also addressed whether appropriated funds may be used to pay for food for federal employees from outside the NIH and for nonfederal attendees.
In September 2005, the curriculum for the public sector pilot program was completed and presented to the Comptroller General by CMA Canada.
Walker, Comptroller General of the United States, Address at the Fourteenth Biennial Forum of Government Auditors, Providence, Rhode Island, "The Role of GAO and Other Government Auditors in the 21st Century" (May 20, 2002) [hereinafter Walker Address], available at http://www.
The comptroller general discovered that in 1982 that water agency had failed to register more than $30 million in its bank accounts.
Further, the comptroller general of the United States can review any inspector general audit and make recommendations to Congress.
Walker, the comptroller general of the United States, agreed in an August 2004 General Accounting Office report that "the federal government did not share national-level intelligence with states and cities, since they were not viewed as having a significant role in preventing terrorism.
The position of Comptroller General was recreated but remained vacant and the pronouncements about improved financial stewardship in the new Martin ministry seemed hollow and unconvincing.
Walker, GAO Comptroller General, and moderated by James G.
Comptroller General Agustin Jarquin formally cited President Arnoldo Aleman for various illegal acts and asked the National Assembly to open an investigation leading to a trial and possible removal from office.
In the law as it's written, the Comptroller General, who heads the General Accounting Office, ultimately decides where thecuts should bome, based on the analyses sent him by OMB and the Congressional Budget Office.
As Comptroller General of the United States and head of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) from 1998 to 2008, spanning both Democratic and Republican administrations, Walker served as the federal government's chief auditor.
Place of Delivery : store Comptroller General of the Republic
Initially the government had given even more contracts to Hernan Solis, 18 out of the 22, 82% of the total, but because competing companies alleged lack of transparency in access to information, the Comptroller General of the Republic ordered publication of the proceedings for calculations and from that information, in a new analysis of the tenders, the Construction company Hernan Solis lost 5 areas.
7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American College, the nation's leading financial services educator, announced today that veteran business journalist and FOX Business Network anchor Stuart Varney and former Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U.
109-364, 323 directed the Comptroller General to assess (1) the Army's progress completing its modular transformation initiative; (2) the status of Army efforts to reconstitute its prepositioned material stock; and (3) the Army's progress in its efforts to repair, recapitalize, and replace equipment used in current overseas operations.