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a large British or Canadian secondary school for children of all abilities

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Acquisition of different elements and equipment needed to implement a comprehensive system of bilateral collection of municipal waste.
He further said that a comprehensive system was the need of the hour aiming at wipe out all the stagnant water and filth from the hospital.
The grammar, secondary modern and tech college education of the 1950s and early 1960s prepared youngsters for the careers they were most suited for, more effectively than today's "one-size-fits-all" comprehensive system.
Grammar schools teach pupils much more than academic studies such as respect and personal discipline which is sadly lacking in the comprehensive system.
The WINCCS II computer sytem incorporates several discreet functions into one comprehensive system with computer control and data acquisition for creep/stress rupture test labs.
TMR's priorities for software, Lanham says, included looking for a comprehensive system at a low cost that could be installed quickly and that required minimal training time and disruption.
Jeron's Provider[R] 680 Nurse Call System is a comprehensive system that integrates digital duplex intercoms, infrared locators, personal mobile masters, a touchscreen monitor, PBX interfaces, PCS wireless phones and pocket pagers.
Tenders are invited for Prepare A Comprehensive System Improvement Plan For The Rhode Island
Now many of the private and voluntary educational organisations, who are trying to repair the lives of youngsters who have been let down by her "one-size-fits-all" comprehensive system, are endeavouring to restore their trust and confidence in themselves by teaching them the same craft and hand skills, hand and eye co-ordination that were the hallmark of the secondary modern and technical college education she abolished.
REALTrac[TM] Online is the industry's most powerful and comprehensive system for managing the myriad of details and documents related to real estate projects and transactions, and this latest version offers state-of-the-art technology tools such as: E-Offerings, a function that allows NAI Members to electronically market their listings; standardized assignment templates to track messages, timelines, calendar items, folders and documents, as well as a host of other features.
In these discounted bundles, Evergreen's new Performa III 1GHz, Performa 1GHz, and Spectra III 1GHz are paired with 128Mb of SDRAM memory to provide users comprehensive system performance equal to that available in brand new PCs shipping with Windows XP.
The Adonix X3 system integrates all the functions of business operations into one comprehensive system to ensure seamless information flow throughout a company, according to the manufacturer.
We're finding that customers require a much more comprehensive system today than ever before.
Contract notice: Complex organization and carrying out of 3 three-day conference of the project development and implementation of a comprehensive system of working with gifted students
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