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a sentence composed of at least two coordinate independent clauses

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Year 2: Understand that simple connections can be made between ideas by using a compound sentence with two or more clauses usually linked by a coordinating conjunction (ACELA1467)
Simple sentence, simple sentence Let's become a compound sentence And, or, but, so
Select a compound sentence and present it to the students.
Compound sentences tend to be of a much complex nature and include not just two or three, but more clauses, as in the following example:
With the exception of sentences [1] and [4], all of the remaining sentences are either simple sentences, a compound sentence joined by a semicolon [8], or a simple sentence with right-branching clauses [9].
Aside from long, complex, and compound sentences common in much legal, legislative, and academic writing, there are numerous examples that begin with a version of the court overturned a lower court's denial of.
He was able to compose compound sentences and embed modifiers within his sentences.
The abundance of such compound sentences (with questionable grammar) permeates the entire book.
In sequence complex sentences, compound sentences, and compound complex sentence patterns may be included.
God forbid they should dress tip their Latinate compound sentences with a few colorful anecdotes, or assemble an original history of the place from primary sources.
Once she has mastered compound sentences, unified paragraphs, claim and counterclaim, she will be ready.
I prefer the later stories where Albahari explores language, often humorously, as at the opening to "My Wife Has Light Eyes:" `This will be a simple story,' I think, `And it will have no compound sentences.
Another complaint: someone should help this young author cure his unfortunate addiction to triple compound sentences.
Break up long compound sentences into shorter, simpler sentences.
This ability to capture rules in compound sentences uniquely enables both business and IT professionals to develop, maintain and execute business rules for their applications.