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a sentence composed of at least two coordinate independent clauses

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Simple sentence, simple sentence Let's become a compound sentence And, or, but, so
Compound sentences tend to be of a much complex nature and include not just two or three, but more clauses, as in the following example:
8 words per sentence; there are no compound sentences to increase sentence length and no subordinate clauses adding to T-unit or sentence length.
Once she has mastered compound sentences, unified paragraphs, claim and counterclaim, she will be ready.
I prefer the later stories where Albahari explores language, often humorously, as at the opening to "My Wife Has Light Eyes:" `This will be a simple story,' I think, `And it will have no compound sentences.
Another complaint: someone should help this young author cure his unfortunate addiction to triple compound sentences.
Break up long compound sentences into shorter, simpler sentences.
This ability to capture rules in compound sentences uniquely enables both business and IT professionals to develop, maintain and execute business rules for their applications.
It could also be used to teach students to analyse sentence structure and to recognise simple and compound sentences.
The dynamic quality of this kind of demonstration appeal to pupils and make clearer the way words build into phrases and clauses--and the way these then connect together to make complex and compound sentences.