rate of return

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the amount returned per unit of time expressed as a percentage of the cost

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This distribution represents a weighted average annual compound rate of return of 13.
TORONTO, April 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- G10-Rosseau Special Situations Fund was ranked the #1 Event Driven Hedge Fund globally by BarclayHedge for the 5-year period ending December 31, 2010 with an average annual compound rate of return of 33.
As a result of our investments in Jungfraubahn at attractive valuations and Jungfraubahn's improved operating and financial performance, assisted in part by our participation on the Board, we estimate that we realized, in US dollar terms and including dividends received, a total annual compound rate of return of approximately 20% over the 12 year period since we first started to acquire our interest.
McCown stated, "Anyone who saw the potential and bought at the end of 2001 was rewarded with appreciation of 61% in 2002, 158% in 2003 and 72% in 2004 for a three-year compound rate of return of 93% per year.
Formed in 1991, the company has achieved since its inception more than a 29 percent compound rate of return on more than $1.
Since its founding, Venrock has produced a compound rate of return in excess of 35% - placing it among a small number of premier firms that have achieved consistently superior performance.