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Synonyms for car

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a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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The Path of Returns Matters Volatility Never Retires Average Return Return Path 1 Return Path 2 Year 1 10% 38% (22)% Year 2 10 23 (12) Year 3 10 33 (9) Year 4 10 29 21 Year 5 10 21 29 Year 6 10 (9) 33 Year 7 10 (12) 23 Year 8 10 (22) 38 Compound Annual Return 10% 10% 10% * Spending in the first year is calculated as a percentage (5%) of initial assets; after the first year, spending is assumed to grow with inflation.
The average compound annual return from with-profits bonds (net of basic-rate tax and charges) during the last five years is running at 10.
The fund has yielded a compound annual return of 16.
Both plans average 10 percent compound annual return.
The median compound annual return of our sample group was only 6.
In the last three years, the S&P 500 has a compound annual return slightly in excess of 18 percent, with bonds at a little more than 3 percent.
For the three years ending September 30, 1995, Clean Environment's Equity Fund had a compound annual return of 18.
7 percent net compound annual return over a recent three-year period.
Double Alpha ranked #1 over the 36 month period between February 2007 to January 2010 with a Compound Annual Return of 17.
The compound annual return to UGI's shareholders was 18% for the period 1999-2009.