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In The Travelling Man (1910), however, the compositional technique was used with great success.
Directly associated with this view is my reluctance to be content with any existing state of things and so give up on originality - in other words my resistance to adopting ready-made compositional techniques.
Although much of the material contained in the Proceedings is highly technical, at the same time, the various articles contain a wealth of information about contemporary musical composition and provide a valuable insight into the increasingly complex nature of new compositional techniques.
Initial favourites are the first two tracks, the 11 minutes of Wind In Your Willow, which shows Locke's clever compositional technique of a repeating melodic riff taken dramatically and relentlessly up the scale by Smith and supported by shimmering chords from the vibes.
Her experience of the music includes acoustics and compositional technique as well as musical genres and performance practices.
He rarely employs the same compositional technique twice, although he has gone back to certain themes and perspectives in his work.
Tielman Susato and the music of his time; print culture, compositional technique and instrumental music in the Renaissance.
Although each waltz consists of many sequences and repetitions, a hallmark of her compositional technique, there are subtle differences in each that create a distinctive style.
Like Bach in his Goldberg Variations, Beethoven uses a simple melody as the basis for a breathtaking display of compositional technique, with many allusions to various styles and composers along the way (one of the variations even evokes the grumbling Leporello in Mozart's Don Giovanni).
The modulations are effective and the compositional technique is solid, but for me, it's far too much of a good thing.
It's easy to understand why Berlioz admired Gluck so much; one composer whose grand ideas far outstripped his compositional technique finding a soul-mate in a predecessor from an earlier century.
In so doing, the poet experiments with a compositional technique he will later perfect in the Gerusalemme Liberata, a poem in which he "endows each character with a unique psychology and subjects each to unique experiences" (6).
The first, "On Beauty, Musical Form, Compositional Technique, and Perception," consists of a number of incidental thoughts, lecture notes, workshop transcripts, and texts about the processes behind Lutoslawski's compositional choices.
Characteristic of Kagel's style is the absurd combination of strict compositional technique and playful rhetorical gestures involving irony and paradox.
In another article, it is particularly interesting to appreciate Ravel's perspective in stating that his greatest teacher for compositional technique was "certainly Edgar Allan Poe"