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someone who composes music as a profession

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It contains the musical genealogy of more than 17,300 composers.
Emmy nominated composer Craig Safan will be a guest conductor for his The Last Starfighter overture.
Among a great range of living composers' works, the 2015 festival programme will focus on the music of three composers in particular - universally-acclaimed Estonian composer Arvo Part in his 80th birthday year; Amsterdam-based Brit composer, Richard Ayres, whose orchestral and chamber works are programmed to complement Welsh National Opera's premiere of his new opera Peter Pan; and Dobrinka Tabakova who's gaining wide-spread recognition.
It influenced the development of interpretation, encouraged composers and determined the stylistic orientation of Slovene folk music and church hymn-books at the beginning of the second half of the eighteenth century--something which can also be seen from the melodic simplicity of the music of this time.
After Armenia's long history of being ruled by the Ottoman Empire and then the Soviet Union, the nation's composers are finally coming into their own, said Vatsche Barsoumian, a Glendale-based creator of the Dilijan series.
His clients include filmmakers, media personalities, screenwriters, music producers, composers, singer/songwriters, personal managers, and independent labels.
The "genius" label only complicates matters: a great composer must write sublime music and anything that seems flawed is either an early work or not by Josquin.
C&CC appears to have struck a chord among Bay Area choreographers and composers.
Over and over Feldman tells us what painters (especially Guston, Mondrian, Rothko, Cezanne, Piero della Francesca) know that composers don't: for example, that atmosphere is more important than method, and that "everything we use to make art is precisely what kills it.
The spirituals, in turn, became the wellsprings of the concert music of African American composers such as Margaret Bonds, Undine Moore, Nathaniel Dett, Clarence Cameron White, and many others.
performing rights organization, honored the composers of the music from the past year's top-grossing films, top-rated prime-time network television series and highest-ranking cable network programs at its annual Film & Television Awards.
A Descriptive Bibliography of Art Music by Israeli Composers.
WELSH composers have been invited to submit a score for a special event at the Wales Millennium Centre.
MTNA is dedicated to encouraging the creation of new works by American composers and annually assists its affiliated state associations with the generation and performance of new music through the MTNA Composer Commissioning program.
Determining which composers, and which of their works, qualified for inclusion in this festival proved no easy task.