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the practice of medicine without the use of drugs

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The NDoH document attached to Mayekiso's directive saying Immutides 'may be imported and sold as complimentary medicine in South Africa', was suspect and the national (law enforcement) official involved would be questioned, she added.
She loves filming in South Africa and says: "It has incredibly beautiful land, and I think the in The Whistle Down The Wind actress combined conventional and complimentary medicine in her recovery and loved returning to South Africa to work on the new Wild At Heart series.
The whole idea is to create an integrated approach - it's a matter of people out there looking at everything, the best in traditional medicine and complimentary medicine and doing whatever works for you.
Instead I started a course to learn Reiki healing - a form of complimentary medicine.
conducted the study at the Alternative and Complimentary Medicine conference,
Charles has long been an advocate of using complimentary medicine and natural remedies alongside conventional treatments.
In the beginning many people were skeptical, but after seeing it demonstrated on patients and witnessing the immediate benefits--the majority of physicians embraced it and learned how to use it in their practices as an adjunctive therapy," said Niemtzow, who is the consultant for alternative and complimentary medicine to the Air Force Surgeon General.
The Society also publishes Alternative and Complimentary Therapies, a bimonthly magazine covering issues pertaining to alternative and complimentary medicine.
The medical profession is slowly coming round to the benefits of holistic or complimentary medicine and I am happy to play my part in this.
Efficacy of Yoga on Pregnancy Outcomes" Journal of Alternative Complimentary Medicine, April 2005 11:2, pgs.
The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.
Complimentary medicine is becoming increasingly accepted in the NHS - 40% of GPs provide access to complimentary medicine, which is prescribed alongside conventional treatment, but it's up to the GP to refer you.
Leading national charity, the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, has a newly-published book about a complimentary medicine approach to treatment.
Of course, organic food may also carry benefits beyond food safety: a 2001 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine found that organic crops had higher average levels of 21 nutrients studied, including vitamin C and iron.