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(mathematics) a number of the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers and i is the square root of -1

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Every normalized algebra with unit is isomorphous to one of the following: the real numbers algebra R, the complex numbers algebra C, the quaternions algebra K, the octavians algebra O [1].
As the even roots of a negative number give complex numbers, we have concentrated only on positive real numbers.
The notions of 'integer' and 'prime' can be extended to complex numbers.
where [alpha], [gamma] are complex numbers with [alpha] [not equal to] 0 and h is univalent in E, then q(z) < zf'(z)/f(z) and q is the best subordinant.
They propose that all the spatial and temporal separations are complex numbers of the form a + bi, where i is the square root of minus one.
The TI-36 Pro scientific calculator also can perform complex number arithmetic.
Denote M := {[mu], z : z [member of] C},where C denotes the set of complex numbers.
Another lesson provides the basics of work with complex numbers and polynomials including the definition of complex number and functions for complex numbers and polynomials.
I HOPE to clarify my earlier letter on the subject of unfair council tax without resorting to complex numbers.
Coverage then progresses through topics such as complex numbers, sorting and searching algorithms, numerical integration, and optimization methods.
When I read the lucid way the book talked about Complex Numbers, I wished I had found it in Year 11, when I gave up on maths because I thought studying that was pointless.
In the following, C/Z will denote the space of complex numbers mod 2[pi]i/log q.
Finally, Derbyshire introduces famous 19th- and 20th-century mathematicians and the development of complex numbers, vector spaces, group theory, and topology.
where [alpha], [beta] are arbitrary, given complex numbers and [sigma], u, v are wanted complex numbers such that [|U|.