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(mathematics) a number of the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers and i is the square root of -1

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This highly complex field has yielded 132 million barrels to date.
Datria software helps solve very complex field service problems for leading companies in North America," said James Greenwell, chairman and CEO of Datria.
There is no other complex field in our society in which do-it-yourself beats out factory production or market production.
As Composition remains a complex field without one theory of writing or language (contra Fulkerson 1990) or pedagogy (Hillocks 1986), the field finds competing and overlapping theories of writing (cf.
WERS manager Mike Bannister said: "Our aim is to ensure advisers are better equipped to deal with clients in what is a rapidly changing and increasingly complex field.
Knowledge management is a complex field and, as such, many knowledge managers are susceptible to an intense form of stress known as knowledge management burnout--a condition of physical or emotional exhaustion resulting from long-term stress or frustration.
He is a noted author and speaker in this complex field of medicine.
Ruether's overview of the emerging feminist theologies of Latin America, Africa, and Asia--necessarily in summary form to cover such a large and complex field, geographically and theologically--rounds out this important contribution to Christian feminist thought.
Neshat provides no denouement, but instead gestures toward a destiny yet to emerge from a complex field of possibilities.
Authored by a team of litigators skilled in this complex field, this is a text that no serious practitioner handling environmental insurance coverage disputes should be without.
Although the degree of restriction remains a controvery among the various research groups working in this complex field, all agree that we have zeroed in on a more manageable target in looking for the specific MS immune problem.
This book is part of a multi-volume work that has been designed to provide the latest information in this complex field.
Anyone facing an enterprise software selection, particularly in a complex field like project manufacturing, oilfield services or aerospace and defense, is faced with staggering amounts of information and some disinformation," podcast producer Charles Rathmann said.
This text offers an overview of a complex field, each aspect of which could be explored in its own set of volumes, according to Morris (food engineering, U.
The Board is geographically diverse and the collective expertise and experience of the editors covers the complex field of infectious diseases.
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