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either of two complex numbers whose real parts are identical and whose imaginary parts differ only in sign

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Brinkhuis, Normal integral bases and complex conjugation, J.
The tautological bundle over BU(n) is the universal Real bundle of rank n, and the tautological bundle over BU is a universal stable bundle, where the conjugation on the base space is induced by complex conjugation on the coefficients of complex matrices (see for instance [14] for an explicit proof of this fact).
which defines different classes of generalized analytical functions depending on the coefficients A = A (z), B = B (z) and F = F (z), is not a linear equation, because the unknown function is under the sign of complex conjugation.
He astutely analyzes, for example, Elaw's complex conjugation of "to sing" in a riveting description of her sister's death (not by chance a heavily sentimental scene) and Sojourner Truth's development of some fourteen extant songs and hymns.
G] [member of] X that is closed under complex conjugation and topologically invariant.
The point here is that it enables us to take the complex conjugation with respect to the real matrices M(N, R) as a Chevalley-Weyl involution of G, and Levi subgroups consisting of block diagonal matrices.