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(mathematics) a number of the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers and i is the square root of -1

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It is worth mentioning that the method using real arithmetic and multiprocessor architecture especially in multi-dimensional problems will save remarkable CPU time rather than the complex arithmetic based methods.
5 is also suitable for real matrices, though it involves complex arithmetic because the [[alpha].
Its limited native support for complex arithmetic means many algorithms have to be written from the ground up for math-intensive functions.
The BCS, as you might know, is the Bowl Championship Series, which uses painfully complex arithmetic to determine which schools will compete in the January bowl designated as the national-title game.
This article describes a collection of Fortran routines for multiple-precision complex arithmetic and elementary functions.
For instance, after a quite complex arithmetic sentence discussing the ratios found in Study No.
The CMSIS-DSP library includes vector operations, matrix computing, complex arithmetic, filter functions, control functions, PID controller, Fourier transforms and many other frequently used DSP algorithms.
j] requires complex arithmetic, suggests that algorithms computing approximations for [A.
Some additional considerations arising from what we regard as poor arithmetic, ranging from lack of full IEEE arithmetic support to unnecessary overflow in complex arithmetic, are discussed in Section 7.
Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, complex arithmetic, and differential and integral calculus
32-bit complex arithmetic instructions, for example, would boost performance for seismic processing.
Accurate SPICE simulation requires the evaluation of millions of complex arithmetic operators.
This hardware divider significantly improves the performance of these processors on complex arithmetic applications like GPS, automotive applications, motor control, and engine control.
With success in thousands of tape-outs, Incisive Conformal technology is the most widely supported equivalence checking solution in the industry, and can verify a wide variety of circuits, including complex arithmetic logic, datapath, memories, and custom logic.
The development of AIL's advanced power-conscious technologies requires the use of extremely complex arithmetic and data path cells specifically developed to meet the target established for each design or application.
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