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(mathematics) a number of the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers and i is the square root of -1

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In taking on this project, Harris quotes amply from existing Burroughs scholarship and puts forth a complex argument that presupposes a knowledge of such seminal critical theorists as Walter Benjamin, Jacques Lacan, Maurice Blanchot, and Guy Debord, among others.
Scheinberg devotes chapter two to a complex argument regarding the interconnections among poetry, Christian theology, gender, and the increasingly prominent Jewish community in Victorian England.
Although my account has simplified a rich and complex argument, one can begin to see how the roots of the accommodation vs.
He notes that the acceleration of media consumption and reduced audience attentiveness to any one text may threaten complex argument and storytelling, but can also replace reverence for the media with healthy skepticism.
At level five, you're analyzing to extract a fairly complex argument.
Snarrenberg's examination of the latter is particularly novel in that it includes a simplification of Schenker's complex argument into a series of syllogisms.
A complex argument that the poet transferred Avitus of Vienne's description of a `beautiful raven' (ales .
O'Hare links his teaching of reverence for Judaism to a broader and more complex argument for religious pluralism, quoting Krister Stendahl's pointed reminder that "from God's Perspective we are all minorities.
Now this summary of ``A Woman Scorned'' is highly streamlined and doubtless distorts Sanday's complex argument.
Offering a near-apocalyptic vision of the death of higher civilization as we know it, Sanders (1994) weaves a complex argument on the relationship between human reason and language.
Repeatedly, one experiences moments of intellectual pleasure as one watches him add another twist of his complex argument.
After pages of complex argument and unnecessary (albeit interesting) tangents, the conclusion is that from early on the term Umman-manda became a "stock word for a dangerous and destructive enemy from the direction of the mountains" (p.
It was a similar and, for some, complex argument the Labour leader made last year when, during his final opposition budget speech, he complained that the former Tory-Lib Dem administration had sold the city short with a string of below inflation tax increases during its eight-year run in office - leaving the city's income suppressed and less able to weather the storm of austerity cuts from central government.
Each presents a complex argument with a wide variety of supporting historical examples (mainly European and North American) with theological and dogmatic references.
As with any complex argument, Sandwell's claims will be further nuanced by those who follow her.
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