hydatidiform mole

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an abnormality during pregnancy

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A number of environmental factors might contribute to the incidence of complete mole.
of loci with None failed amplification Complete Mole Partial Mole N 31 17 Monospermy 25 (46,XX) (a) 0 Dispermy 1 (46,XX) (a) 7 (69,XXX) (a) 5 (46,XY) (a) 9 (69,XXY) (a) 1 (69,XYY) (a) Additional abnormalities None Trisomy 16 (n = 1) Cross-contamination Fetal (n = 6) Fetal (n = 1) Average No.
IT is important for women who experience a molar pregnancy to be tested for raised levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) because one in five to one in 10 women with a complete mole and one in 200 with a partial mole can go on to develop cancer.
In about 20% of complete moles and 2% of partial moles, there is some molar tissue left inside of the uterus, which can continue growing and lead to abnormal vaginal bleeding and risk of infection.
Cytogenetic analyses performed on G-bands with trypsin-Giemsa-banded chromosomes showed a 46,XY complete mole and a normal 46,XX fetus.
The main differential diagnoses of PMD, both clinically and pathologically, are partial hydatidiform moles, a twin gestation with complete mole, spontaneous abortion with hydropic changes, and confined placental mosaicism.
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