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either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments)

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To add heat to blue combine it with its complementary colour orange, along with yellows, reds and terracottas these combinations will prevent blue from turning icy.
We changed the photos to match the colour of the pots, but you could try complementary colours, or leave them a natural skin tone.
n Perfect harmony - mix complementary colours for a subtle, sophisticated look.
Available at stores nationwide, the range of 13 styles makes use of soft, complementary colours, intricate jewelled detailing and pearlised finishes to create elegant glasses that flatter mature skin tones and hair colouring.
It has made them milder, more empty, less exquisite in their use of complementary colours than they were when he painted them.
To create a striking kite effect cross over two sails in contrasting but complementary colours or attach them to trellis screens to shelter the patio.
When using multi-coloured patterns you can combine them with plains in complementary colours, to keep a sense of balance.
This new collection of accessories features matching and complementary colours such as burgundy, dark brown and bronze.
Positioned side-by-side in a photo, complementary colours contrast each other, adding an intense dynamic to your image.
Focus on the colours you have in your home year round and select complementary colours that will bring out the seasonal time of year.
Six bespoke complementary colours were specified for the Godzilla building.
Simple combinations of just one or two complementary colours can look fabulous, such as lemon and white or burnt orange and red if you want a hot mixture.
You can define cooking and eating areas using different complementary colours or darker and lighter shades of the same colour.
Choose complementary colours for a classic look or a mixed jumble for a cottagey feel.
Whereas Smith's image had helped to set our mental image of the Valleys as monotone and grey, Stokes reveals a bright, almost gaudy, world of clashing and complementary colours.
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