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two angles whose sum is a right angle

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Although the main focus of the Expo is to showcase locally produced products, the Expo will include highly informative, interactive, presentations from organisations, ministries and agencies where policy makers, business practitioners and academic intellectuals will approach entrepreneurship issues from different complementary angles," he said, adding that in this regard, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has reserved 29 July 2014 for this purposes and that the Expo will only be open to the public on 30 and 31 July.
Unmasking Ravel, addresses this heritage of master tropes from a number of complementary angles.
Cathie: He has his students, each with a smartphone, take pictures of what they think are complementary angles outside of the classroom.
The simple visual demonstration, used initially, can be revisited for two rigorous geometrical proofs, one reinforcing the concepts of supplementary and complementary angles and the other providing a useful application for the properties of angles of a traversal of parallel lines.
Today's three texts show this from distinct but complementary angles.
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