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Synonyms for compilation

Synonyms for compilation

something that is compiled (as into a single book or file)


the act of compiling (as into a single book or file or list)

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CPAs who prepare financial statements would perform a compilation only if they are engaged by their client to do so in accordance with the proposed standard.
Documentation requirements for both compilations and reviews.
Compilations are tasters and a gateway for a new audience to hear bands they don't know enough about to buy an album on spec.
Revises AR section 100, Compilation and Review of Financial Statements; AR section 200, Reporting on Comparative Financial Statements; and AR section 300, Compilation Reports on Financial Statements Included in Certain Prescribed Forms (AICPA, Professional Standards, vol.
8 to the preparation of compilations for management use.
One such publication is the Corporate Counsel's Guide to Records Retention, a three-volume, loose-leaf compilation published by Business Laws Inc.
Indeed Brown, at this moment, is writing a huge disclaimer, anticipating the complaints of the obsessive fans wondering why a particular track isn't on the compilation.
com creates a co-branded storefront for its partners, which enables their site to retail custom CD compilations, pre-selected music compilations or genre-specific mini-stores to their customers from EZCD.
One good place to hear this process at work is on the two opening cuts of the Augustus Pablo compilation Classic Rockers.
When completed, the compilation also assists investigators to determine whether the suspect accurately represented the investments to contributors.
TV Favorites" is a collection of classic and contemporary television compilations that feature a special selection of episodes, many of which are on DVD for the first time.
Other than the compilation reporting option that may be implemented immediately, the standard is effective for compilations and reviews of financial statements for periods ending on or after Dec.
The Accounting and Review Services Committee has issued three new standards that provide members with new and/or clearer guidance in compilation and review engagements, including an expansion of standards to cover compilations of financial statement elements and pro forma financial information.
California CPAs who perform audits, reviews and compilations are subject to a continuing education requirement of 24 hours in accounting and auditing.
Gay fans love CD compilations of club hits, but they may not know that many are pirated.