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the act of getting possession of something

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He pointed out that some VA hospitals have experienced quality deficiencies documented by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), due on average to the poor quality of services provided by VA competitive bidding contract winners.
He also has claimed that during the competitive bidding process, TMC never proved it could supply enough water to the mining site and didn't deserve the contract.
The LonWorks based facilities management system allows us to choose products from multiple suppliers, creating a more competitive bidding process among contractors, and the flexibility to easily expand or alter the system in the future.
House of Blues Concerts attorney George Mihlsten said taxpayers are the winners if competitive bidding is allowed for the Griffith Park theater.
MPSC) June 12 order establishing a competitive bidding framework for
Additional transmission needs will be identified when the resource plan's competitive bidding process is complete.
District Court in Miami to open the midtown reef project to competitive bidding.
California's Independent Energy Producers (IEP) has filed a protest with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission contesting a proposal by Southern California Edison to enter into a long-term contract for power without the competitive bidding required by California law.
to extend its lease two years early without competitive bidding after milking the city for 25 years.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- The inventor of a patented artificial reef system for reversing beach erosion today urged the Palm Beach Town Council to open the proposed midtown reef project to competitive bidding.
Proving that the competitive bidding process works in the energy industry, the New Jersey School Board Association will save nearly $5.
Especially when the council extends the lease for five years without competitive bidding.
CEI recently filed a proposal with the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO) requesting the adoption of either a competitive bidding process that would shift energy supply and price risk to customers or a rate stabilization plan (RSP) that would provide standard offer service at stable prices through 2008.
The suit asked the court to order the city to begin new proceedings with competitive bidding.
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