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The announcement of competitive bidding has been lamented by those vested interests which were expecting to earn extra profit by exploiting the upfront tariff and by lobbying with Nepra.
Congress mandated the competitive bidding program in 2003 as a way to save money and to inject market forces into the establishment of payment levels for medical equipment.
For many years a competitive bidding strategy was discussed by Congress, but the laboratory community effectively lobbied against it.
Chief Legislative Analyst Gerry Miller said he studied the issue a decade ago and determined it was less expensive to use competitive bidding.
those residing in nursing homes) and ensure that competitive bidding will not threaten testing quality.
The union also says that competitive bidding has also been responsible for a number of non-profit bankruptcies.
However, a recent opinion by California's state attorney general excludes certain types of modular building from piggyback contracts and therefore threatens to force California school districts into the more time-consuming and costly process of competitive bidding while also exposing the schools to risks of construction delays and cost overruns.
But they disputed some of the charges, including ones that rules on competitive bidding were broken.
The latest demonstration attempt was initiated by a CMS open-door forum in March 2004, during which several clinical lab organizations expressed concern regarding the effect of competitive bidding on patients and the clinical lab industry, urging CMS to adopt measures of service quality and patient access to those services and to ensure undiminished quality of care.
In today's political environment, however, it is crucial that the UDC-Olympus partnership allow for open and competitive bidding by developers who wish to participate in building the Olympus campus on public land," explained Hess.
But a market structure that favors monopoly utilities over competitive bidding and customer choice ignores the least expensive way of meeting our multibillion-dollar energy needs.
Congressional support of competitive bidding as a cost-saving solution has been met with opposition from a number of healthcare organizations, which will be affected in the near future.
Out of sequence" activities should be identified for purchase during initial competitive bidding.
Unitil Corporation (AMEX:UTL) announced today that its Massachusetts subsidiary filed revised Basic Service electric energy prices with the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy, based on a recently completed competitive bidding process for wholesale electric energy supply contracts.
Brad Sherman, D-Sherman Oaks, won a legislative victory Friday when the House voted to require open competitive bidding on all contracts to build oil infrastructure in Iraq.
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