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the act of getting possession of something

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Even if the law allowed districts to put food services out to competitive bid, it wouldn't be the right answer for a district that's made significant gains in food services over the past four years, said Michael Eugene, business manager for LAUSD.
We understand that others must be allowed to compete fairly for the site in the RFP process, just as we will, with a very competitive bid that we believe will be superior to any others and ultimately be in the best interests of the MTA, the City, and the State.
To accomplish this, you should first be certain that only those brokers that you are willing to award the business to be asked for competitive bids.
GO refunding bonds 2007 series 1 are expected to be offered for competitive bid expected on 20 hours notice as early as Jan.
Outstanding Reliability of Optical Solution and Track Record in China Helped ECI Win Highly Competitive Bid
The competitive bid process involved a major mainstream software development company and thus further solidifies AGent Search's capability to provide commercial entities with federated search technology.
com, of Herndon, VA, announced winning a competitive bid from the Peace Corps for the implementation of an enterprise Inspector General (IG) Case Management system.
Approximately 90 percent of a project's costs are subcontractors' charges, which are put out for competitive bid.
Novation awarded the contract to Kodak's Health Group through its public competitive bid process.
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