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a governmental agency that regulates businesses in the public interest

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Similarly, increment of Deputy Director CDA Syed Kashif Shah and Dr Hafiz Sajjad has been stopped due to their proceeding abroad without prior approval from the competent authority.
members may visit KSA, if so required, with the approval of competent authority.
The competent authority shall grant it to all the legal ports of the Sultanate to the nationals of the countries it specifies, at their request and shall be granted by the Sultanate's representatives abroad.
Before granting the permit, the competent authority may require the alteration of the submitted plans, drawings and calculations, especially for the purpose of ensuring appropriate health and safety conditions, maintaining the uniformity or proper character of the building, improving the road network, ensuring safe access and use by all persons, including disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility, safety of the mechanical and electrical installations, energy performance and fire safety of the building.
Meanwhile, on the recommendations of Provincial Selection Board, the Competent Authority (Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) has ordered the promotion of three district Specialists Cardiology (BS18) to the posts of Senior District Specialists Cardiology (BS-19) on regular basis.
Moreover, on the recommendations of Provincial Selection Board, the Competent Authority (Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) has also ordered the promotion of Dr.
He said: "Up to now, responsibility rested largely with the airport operator but now we are determined to have a dedicated, competent authority in Ireland that is required to take responsibility for consideration of all airport noise.
competent authority, acting through the Advance Pricing and Mutual Agreement Program and the Treaty Assistance and Interpretation Team (TAIT) of the IRS's Large Business 8c International Division.
This information must then be notified to the Competent Authority at national level, which in turn also alerts the concerned Resolution Authority.
A similar committee could be formed to review cases where a Competent Authority applied the principal purposes test to ensure consistent application under similar facts and circumstances.
Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) is the competent authority in the emirate to prepare a strategic plan and general policy for the regulation and management of scholarships.
Each competent authority must ensure the confidentiality of information and documents, if the relevant authority requests confidentiality.
A competent authority is a body with authority to act on behalf of the member state government to ensure that member state government transposes requirements of medical device directives into national law and applies them.
Manama, Sep 21 (BNA) -- Public Prosecution Chief, Wael Buallay stated, in respect to what has recently been raised about the death and injury cases resulted from medical negligence in government and private medical institutions, the public prosecution is the competent authority to receive and consider complaints and investigate in such cases.
New Delhi, Sep 13 ( ANI ): The Competent Authority of Border Security Force (BSF) has decided to hold a revision trial in Felani Khatun death case.
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