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We're confident that PerformancePlus is the ideal way to enhance their agent compensation system," said Michael Risley, President of the Life and Health Division of CSC's Financial Services Group.
With so much at stake, NAII hopes that OSHA will respond to our offer so all interested parties can participate in a solution that protects the state workers' compensation system for another 75 years.
A compensation system that furthers this business strategy rewards solution development, results and positive outcomes, and relationship management.
It is little wonder that conflicts presented by the losses, the double-binds and the adversarial nature of the workers' compensation system result in an increase in somatic complaints.
Now, with the results of the 2012 Survey, we can begin to identify trends in compensation and compensation systems that will inure to the benefit of both individual partners and firm management.
IDE's MK4 EMI Compensation System protects electron microscopes and MRI systems by using unprecedented DC and AC disturbance safeguards, including electromagnetic stray field controls.
Other recommendations have to be introduced step by step over time in order to build up a solid, competitive and accepted compensation system.
Bergeron's desire to reform the state's workers' compensation systems by furthering integrating managed care techniques into the traditional workers' compensation system.
the leader in integrated talent management solutions, today announced a complimentary Webcast that will reveal how compensation executives can achieve simplicity in compensation systems, despite operating in an increasingly complex business environment.
The IAIABC is a not-for-profit association representing most of the government agencies charged with the administration of workers' compensation systems throughout the United States, Canada, and other nations and territories.
The study Workers' Compensation in Arkansas: Administrative Inventory is the 37th in a series of Administrative Inventories of state workers' compensation systems published by the Cambridge, Mass.
This will enable the company to provide the right care from the right providers under the current guidelines to the right patients at the right price, while achieving the workers' compensation systems goal of helping injured employees get back to productive employment as quickly and safely as possible.
Physician operations and compensation systems need to reflect local market conditions and nuances in order to be effective," said Mr.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida recognizes the strategic importance of performance based compensation systems and has taken the lead in Florida by introducing this program.
Performance based compensation systems for physicians continue to gain in recognition and popularity.