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work done in addition to regular working hours

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Probation officers use flex time and compensation time to work on the program.
As for the retardation mode associated with the glass transition, it has been characterized by a distribution of retardation times obeying a compensation law with a compensation time of some tens of seconds and a compensation temperature [T.
46 percent report they have access to benefits like flexible work schedules, telecommuting options or compensation time.
She said the review was done in response to criticism about a proposed Personnel Board policy that would have allowed salaried workers to bank compensation time in lieu of overtime, a practice banned by a 2010 town bylaw.
However, that hasn't stopped them trying to delay the issue of compensation time and time again.
Bills already introduced in Congress would let workers put in longer days in exchange for more three-day weekends, save up paid time off to attend teacher conferences, or opt for compensation time at the rate of 1-1/2 hours off for each hour of overtime work.
Those include a liberalization of rules regarding compensation time, under which employees, with the agreement of their employers, can voluntarily work additional hours in a given day or week and bank those hours for use when illness strikes or family emergencies arise.
The DOL's decision allows certain funeral directors and embalmers the added benefit of receiving a firm yearly salary and the funeral homes the formal right to offer performance-based bonuses and compensation time.