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Bromwich's investigators found that the bureau's Counter-Intelligence Division practiced little of the compartmentation which is the sine qua non of serious intelligence work.
The most plausible explanation is that mild acute pancreatitis is associated with a defect in the intracellular compartmentation of proenzymes in acinar cells and damaged pancreatic vasculature.
However, Rosenberg agreed that certain sources and methods require the closest possible protection, and Rae Huffstutler's 1988 comment regarding protection of human sources will always remain valid: "If you aren't careful about compartmentation, you're going to lose your source in a snap of the fingers.
Each ward wing has its own emergency stairs and the hall can presumably therefore be regarded as sacrificial, but one gets no sense of heavy compartmentation while walking around.
Ontogeny, compartmentation, and turnover of spectrin isoforms in rat central neurons.
The pivotal role of amino acid transfer across tissue membranes in the compartmentation control of amino acid metabolism makes is essential that the first chapter discusses the available methods related to this aspect.
From a business point of view, the biggest potential mischief of a virus is to break down the compartmentation that system controls often depend upon.
Compartmentation of Redox Signaling and Control: Discrimination of Oxidative Stress in Mitochondria, Cytoplasm, Nuclei, and endoplasmic Reticulum (Patrick J.
Assessment of glycine betaine and proline compartmentation by analysis isolated beet vacuoles.
Works related to smoke management and compartmentation have not been completed, which are essential to make the building fireproof.
The tonoplast transport and vacuolar compartmentation of PC-Cd complexes increase the metal-binding capacity of phytochelatins (Vogeli-Lange & Wagner, 1989; Salt & Rauser, 1995; Bae & Mehra, 1998).
exchange at cellular membranes, intra-cellular compartmentation of cations, and salt tolerance.
Mr Hagen writes: "Smoke logging of the first and second floors was of some concern and initially the fact that the products of combustion had spread so rapidly throughout the building pointed to a potential failure of the separation and compartmentation of the room of origin or structural integrity of the floor and or building.
The use of smoke barriers is also commonly referred to as compartmentation, and walls and smoke dampers are used to form the "compartments".
South Wales Chief Fire Officer Brian Fraser, who also visited the school with the minister, added: 'The majority of schools built prior to 1980 have relatively poor fire compartmentation and hence fires can be damaging and extensive.