comparative anatomy

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the study of anatomical features of animals of different species

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This investigation provides no novel data on the comparative morphology of the male cloaca than previously provided by the definitive works 3 of Sever (1991a, b; 1992a d).
The comparative morphology of the secondary sexual organs of Linyphia and some related genera, including a revision of the group.
Comparative morphology of the tongue in free-tailed bats (Chiroptera, Molossidae).
Cladistics and the comparative morphology of linyphiid spiders and their relatives (Araneae, Araneoidea, Linyphiidae).
Dennis Stevenson to the fields of plant developmental evolution, plant systematics and comparative morphology.
Comparative morphology of spined scales and their phylogenetic significance in the Teleostei.
Comparative morphology of the fern gametophyte has provided evidence to elucidate fern relationships by considering gametophyte characters on their own or in combination with sporophyte characters (e.
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