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An Introduction to the Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages: Phonology and Morphology, ed.
In chapter four Edzard discusses a range of particular problems of the comparative grammar of Semitic languages.
Semitic Languages: Outline of a Comparative Grammar.
Lipinski, Semitic Languages: Outline of a Comparative Grammar [Leuven: Peeters, 1997], 334 ff.
Barry Levy ("The Language of Neophyti 1: A Descriptive and Comparative Grammar of the Palestinian Targum,' Ph.
Many of the fifty-five articles appeared in little-available journals and collections, and, in the absence of such a complement to the Etymological Dictionary, this volume provides an interim Gurage comparative grammar.
This will facilitate future comparisons between them and their use as building blocks for a comparative grammar of Neo-Aramaic.
They seem to say that wherever French is charted in comparative grammars, Latin-French dictionaries, translations of classical authors, or treatises of orthography, an implicit politics of language lays out a plan that will eventually produce and control French subjects.
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