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Synonyms for company

Synonyms for company

a person or persons visiting one

a pleasant association among people

a group of people acting together in a shared activity

to be with or go with (another)

Synonyms for company

the state of being with someone

a social or business visitor


Related Words

a social gathering of guests or companions

crew of a ship including the officers

a unit of firefighters including their equipment

Related Words

be a companion to somebody

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Company A uses purchase accounting and reports goodwill amortization of 50 cents per share aftertax and earnings per share (EPS) of $1.
If a company completes a pooling of interests, it must rescind existing stock repurchase plans and forgo stock repurchases for up to two years.
Rushing to complete any deal may cause mistakes and create additional costs for the company.
Cash flows are the same no matter what accounting method a company uses.
IF A COMPANY MOVES TOO QUICKLY TO CONSUMMATE a pooling before yearend, this strategy may cause costly mistakes in structuring the deal and may not be in the best interests of shareholders.