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Prosecutors accused the two Russians, who remain at large, of beating the company owner, T.
Sharjah Police are urging company owners to avoid keeping huge sums of money with their employees as the latter could exploit his authority and cheat the employer.
The officials lodged an FIR against company owner Chaudhry Zulfiqar and accountant Waseem.
Meanwhile, the many loyal and hardworking employees who don't have the guts to use this method for promotion can only wait for a miracle to be noticed by the company owner or bosses to be rewarded for their contribution.
The company owner pays for the tattoos, which can cost up to 300 dollars.
Scores of trucks queue up every day after being given appointments to arrive at the crossing point, said truck company owners.
In order to facilitate the work of company owners and entrepreneurs, the Directorate General of Passports and Residence recently issued an authorisation permit that allows company representatives to decide on services of employees and transactions with companies and businessmen.
CAIRO: Aboul Seba' workers have resumed their sit-in after company owners reneged on a promise to pay outstanding salaries and make a decision about workers' futures.
Company owner Billy Jack with his new fleet addition, the Ferrari F430 Spider
COMPANY owners in Coventry and Warwickshire have been urged to 'let go' of some of the small matters in running a business.
This increase in the expensing election creates planning issues for the construction company owner.
Andrew Kirby, 32, cleaning company owner, Killing-worth: I quite like it.
Company owner David Hickman has been moving ahead with plans to locate a shredding plant in an industrial section of the city north of downtown Mobile.
Meeting with a staff member can be a screening process that will get a company owner an audience with a representative or senator, or it can serve to accomplish the same desirable result.
Fully phased in during 2003, this tax rate reduction dispels the argument that a private company owner would pay less tax as a C corp.