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a Roman Catholic order founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola in 1534 to defend Catholicism against the Reformation and to do missionary work among the heathen

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To this day, she wrote in In the Heart of the World, life in the communities she founded revolves around prayer before Communion: "After the sisters have finished their day--carrying out their service of love in the company of Jesus, and through Jesus--we have an hour of prayer and of Eucharistic adoration" Her example is one among thousands of those who, nourished by God as their center and their sustenance, become bread and life for the world.
Loginius the Centurion who had been in the company of Jesus for just four brief extraordinary hours,and who at the end had stood to attention at the foot of the cross and given the crucified prophet a Roman salute saying: ``Truly this man was the Son of God'' He must be thinking this prophet he had just crucified had given him more in four hours than his own God Mars had given him in a lifetime.
As regards your interesting remarks on "conservatives" and "liberals" ("Why the Evangelical Church Needs the Liberal Church" and "Why the Liberal Church Needs the Evangelical Church'), it might be a help to look at the policy and company of Jesus.
Occasionally, confraternities developed into religious orders, as was the case with the Company of Jesus, recognized as an order in 1540, only five years before the Council of Trent convened.
But then, we must remember that the United Church -- in the words of one essayist in Fire and Grace -- is "a peculiarly Canadian invention: the open and inviting company of Jesus that holds its faith lightly, believes in ecumenical inclusivity almost as much as it believes in God .