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Synonyms for logo

Synonyms for logo

a company emblem or device


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Showing loyalty and etching a tattoo of the company logos or two different things.
So far the site lists more than 3,000 different company logos.
In Questions and Answers, 1997, footage of two CNN correspondents winking at one another for a fraction of a second is slowed down and made into an endless loop; in other pieces, computer-animated company logos are transformed into abstract signs, into "graphically raw material," as Veit Loers wrote in a catalogue about Pflumm's approach.
Owner and corporate branding adviser Brian Clifford says most company logos are unsuitable for wearing on breeches
Tobacco company logos would not be allowed on youth-oriented merchandise, cigarette vending machines would be banned, and cigarette stores would be required to demand photo identification to reduce illegal purchases by people under 18.
The JM Collection can be customized to fit specific requirements, and company logos can be woven into the wallcoverings.
The company designs, builds and delivers foam character costumes, three-dimensional company logos and walk-around body puppets.