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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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Randy Collins, owner/manager of Changes, a Thunder Bay retailer of compact disks and cassettes, says he has utilized the Lift system since Changes first opened its doors about two years ago.
In addition to the high capacity compact disk technology, we have begun generating revenues from our credit card fraud protection, digital video production, interactive television and multi-dimensional bar code technologies," concluded Mr.
The bootable compact disks for users of new Macintosh computers released in 2001 -- except the 2001 Titanium PowerBook -- are available for $14.
CDI) to develop and market a digital printing system for printing on compact disks.
The program will enable more than 900,000 youth baseball and softball players to sell the $10 MusicCards, which enable the cardholders to purchase compact disks through the Compact Connection e-commerce Internet site at below market prices.
The management and utilization of Compact Disks on corporate networks is a fast growing market, due primarily to the increased usage of CD-ROMs as distribution and storage media.
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