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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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The plastic used in compact discs can be recycled into other everyday items, including household products, building materials, and auto parts.
Compact discs hold 650-700 megabytes of data, movies or music, which puts them on the low end of the capacity-scale when compared with magnetic tape, hard drive, and other data storage options.
Another compression algorithm is being used to create audio/video files small enough to be played on most computers equipped with a compact disc player and speakers.
As we interpret the policy; coverage for such items will turn on what type of electronic apparatus is located in the motor vehicle for playing the compact discs or cassettes.
Sullivan said recordable compact discs answer a consumer demand.
Last week, I was in a huge Manhattan music store shopping for compact discs.
MRC Polymers, which also uses compact discs as part of its feedstock, makes extensive use of impact modifiers, according to Staniulis.
Special drives for compact discs will be featured on many of the low-price and midprice personal computers that will debut this year.
PHOTO : Pictured here is Lift Canada's Vidplay display unit, similar in design to display units for cassette tapes and compact discs.
JVC Disc America, a leading manufacturer and distributor of compact discs, CD-ROMs and DVDs, implemented the HighJump solution at its Kennesaw, Ga.
Folks who burn compact discs at home as collections of MP3 digital music files are usually stymied when it comes to listening to them easily on the go.
She also helps students use photo scanners, a computer editing program, and CD-ROM burners to make compact discs.
We show how some manufacturers are already responding to the market by providing systems which can play digital files stored on compact discs or by providing an auxiliary input to link personal music players, such as iPods and MP3 players, to the vehicle's speaker system.
Once the world's largest producer and exporter of pirated compact discs, software and videos, China has created a set of trademark laws modeled after those found in the United States.
While the marketplace is well on the way to rejecting such products, HRRC believes that consumers should be warned if Compact Discs - a format that they have supported for twenty years - are to become subject to new constraints for copy protection purposes.
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